Access database file size increase constantly...

Hi everyone,

I have an access database which consists of a switchboard, other various forms and around 35 tables.  Recently I have noticed the file size increasing massively when inputting minimal data.  

This morning I added around 80 rows of information into one of the tables, and it increased the file size from 7.4Mb to 14.8Mb, and the table already had around 900 lines of information inside it.  

Any ideas why this is happening?  could it be corrupt? Any help would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks,

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barnesd1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Access inherently grows over use. This is fact. Periodically, you will have
to compact the database to reduce the size. This has nothing to do with the
queries themselves, but the data that the queries return. As the queries
run, different amounts of records are returned. This action will create
'bloat' within the database. Once you run compact/repair on the database, it
removes that 'bloat'. The degree to which it compacts may not result in the
file returning to the same size. So remember, even after compacting the file
may be slightly larger than the last compact.

Other than this, when you designed your tables, I take it you didn't just make all the test field size 255 - you scoped them correctly?

moon_blue69Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Go to file click on compact and repair. This will compact the database and reduce the file size. Please make a backup before you do it to be on the safer side.

Luke ChungPresidentCommented:
Have you decompiled your database to flush the old copies of pre-compiled VBA code?
See my paper for more info:
Good luck!
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