windows 7 simultaneous outgoing vpn connections problem


I am testing Windows 7 (using the release candidate 7100, not a retail copy).

I have setup several VPN connections to different external sites.
Each of these connections work fine - connection no probloem, access to the remote network no problem.

However, if I open more than one VPN connection at the same time something odd happens and I can only access one of the VPN's.
FYI - if I look at the network traffic using task manager it shows my local network connection and the two (say) VPN connections - but the troughs and peaks on the two VPN connections seem to be the same - as though they are both the same connection ?

Each of the remote networks are on different IP ranges - if I do IPCONFIG this shows that each of the VPNs is connected and a suitable IP address has been assigned to each connection.

Using the same remote sites from a XP or VISTA box I do not get this problem. i.e. I can, for instance, have two VPN connections running and remote deskop to two remote machines, one on each remote network, at the same time without problem. Its only on Windows 7 that this doesn't work.

Assistance requested to resolve the issue on Windows 7 - or to confirm its a bug...

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rcscsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:

Have finally got around to install Windows 7 Professional - a retail version.
This had the same problem - multiple VPN connections (PPTP) did not seem to work concurrently.
So, thought some more.

What fixed it was turning of the 'Use Default Remote Gateway' option under the VPN properties.
With this turned off (i.e. the local gateway is used) concurrent PPTP VPN's were possible (with multiple remote desktop sessions - to different remote networks - open at once.

QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Which kind of VPN connections is this? If PPTP, there might be a new bug in conjunction with NAT ... GRE (which is used for encapsulating) is a very fragile protocol, if it comes to NAT.
You should NEVER use a non-retail version if the retail version is in the shelfs. There might be bugs resolved, and the buglist is not public available, so you never know.

Vista had issues with some router firmware, and the same may happen with W7.
rcscsAuthor Commented:
These are PPTP connections - as I said these work fine on XP and Vista - just these 'one connection at a time' issue on Windows 7.

I will install a retail copy of Windows 7 and see if that makes the difference...
QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
Stupid me, of course that is the source! I never have checked that option if using more than one remote connection, so I did not think about that.
I have objected, so you can accept your answer now as solution.
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