Scrollbar for a dynamically loaded div

Hi all,

I'm searching for a scrollbar script for a div that changes it's content dynamically.

Most of the scripts I've tried take effect on page load, so I have my scroll when the page is loaded, but as soon as the div changes its contents the scrollbar is gone.

Last tried: Flexcroll, it is a pitty, it's a great and compact (really minimal) script but I cannot make the scroll stay when the div changes contents :(

Please note that what I'm trying to do is to add some make-up to an overflow-y:scroll; (terrible that CSS can only make it for IE) so I'm looking for a very simple solution ..  

Any ideas??

Thanks a ton!

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Gurvinder Pal SinghCommented:
Dada44Author Commented:
thanks gurvinder372.

the second link is not what I'm looking for, that's the "ugly" default scrollbar but thanks anyway.
I'm testing the first link, I'll let u  know.

Thanks again
Dada44Author Commented:
gurvinder372, first link failed :(
As it hapened with Flexcroll it works on dom loaded, not on div with new contents

Any other ideas ??
Dada44Author Commented:
thanks and sorry for delay in accepting th solution
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