TC4400 Hp Tablet laptop keyboard is not working

huh! we replaced the keyboard/ we replaced the motherboard!! but still the same.. internal keyboard is not working..

but using external usb keyboard is working.

please help
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Are the keyboard and motherboard both brand new?
Are you sure you plugged the ribbon cable of the keyboard all the way in and clamped/locked it in place? I have seen this happen many times .... you plug it in and while clamping it, it slides back out without you noticing it....
charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
keyboard and motherboard are both replaced with brand new replacement. :( im not sure if i got a DOA parts or I just missed something that needs to be done in configuration or BIOS.

let me try your advice and give you update.
charles_lawrenceAuthor Commented:
Good! thank you
Thanks Charles ... I don't understand the B grade?
As per EE help:
"....Grading at Experts Exchange is not like school. It's more like the "10-point Must" system in professional boxing; in other words, an answer is worth an A, unless it doesn't resolve your issue. If it requires you to do a little more research, or figure out one more piece of code, then it's worth a B. If you think it's not worth a B, the custom is to offer the Experts an opportunity to earn a better grade.
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I was under the impression that my answer did resolve the issue when you accepted the answer (of course, unless your keyboard was DOA in which case, nothing I proposed would have worked).
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