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16X PCI Express Video card used in a 4X PCI Express Slot?

Just wondering if this will work but at 4X speed?

The card info is:  Encore VGA GeFORCE 7300GT nVIDIA PCIe / PCI Express Graphics / Video Card, 256MB RAM, 128-Bit, ENVGA
Rog D
Rog D
1 Solution
If the slot is physically the size of a 16x slot but just runs and 4x speed it will work fine, if its an actual smaller 4x pci-e slot then you'd just need an adapter.
If it physically fits in the slot [and doesn't ground out on the end that sticks out] it will work fine but at 4x speed.
Some 1x, 4x, 8x slots actually are missing the back 'wall' to allow installing longer cards easily.

The end of PCI-e cards near the back plate [back of case] has all the power and control circuits and is the same on all PCI-e cards.
The rest of the card is for the data only and it's simply the same circuit repeated once for each 'x' the card is.
The added 'x's just increase bandwidth [speed].
Being up/down interchangeable like that is REQUIRED by the PCI-e specification so all PCI-e cards are REQUIRED to work in all PCI-e slots, and all PCI-e slots are REQUIRED to work with all PCI-e cards.
- The problem is that is about 'the electrical' and it assumes they physically fit in the slot.
- There is no requirement for motherboards manufacturers to layout boards so any card will 'physically' fit into any slot.

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