Windows Server 2003 - Time Sync.

We have a W2003 Server, which is our DC.  I would like to sync the clock with an NTP Server.  Looking at other questions posted on EE, i would seem I have carried out enough steps, yet nothing in the event viewer confirms I have sync'd.
So far i have typed net time /setsntp:""  This is confirmed when I type net time /querysntp
I have allowed the Server access to the internet via UDP123.
Any ideas?
The clock seems to be about 10 seconds off from BT's speaking clock, although I think this was set manually by someone else.
Samantha SmithAsked:
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Glen KnightConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a good guide here from EE member tigermatt on configuring Windows Time:
if it's configured correctly when you do a net stop w32time and then net start w32time it should do a sync. Set the time to something else and restart the service to see if it gets updated.
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