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I need to move some databases from sql 2000 to sql 2005. If a backup and restore the best method? I have tried to DTS but cannot connect either way? I would also like to take the individual logins across. I need to keep the permissions rather than recreate the logins. Can you please advise the best way to do all this. Thank you
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monarchitAuthor Commented:
None of these solutions worked. Closed
monarchitAuthor Commented:
Ok, once i have done that, do i then run that script on a newly created database on a different sql server? or do i restore the DB and then run the script?
monarchitAuthor Commented:
That didnt work. It did not map over the SQL logins either? It created teh tables etc but user information was missing to start with?
This may also work

To restore a SQL 2000 database on SQL 2005

create a new database in 2005 with the same name and compatibility set for SQL 2000 or the version you want to restore from.

restore this database with options 'overwrite existing database'
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