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Does anyone know of some products out there that manage/store passwords in a database and then you can authenticate multiple users so that they only have access to certain parts of the password safe?

Right now we have an open source password safe but it just uses one common password that gives everyone the same access. I found this one:

which does this and the only problem I can see is that it requires a server portion. The one thing I like about the open source one is that it just has the one file sitting on the server so you can transport the safe file anywhere and still connect to it with the client on a USB stick.

Any ideas?
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TolomirConnect With a Mentor AdministratorCommented:
it's $75 per user.

I checked the german page:

professional edition:
1 licenses is 39,00 EUR

scaled price:
5+ licenses 37,05 EUR
10+ licenses  35,10 EUR
25+ licenses 33,15 EUR
50+ licenses 31,20 EUR
100+ licenses 29,25 EUR

The professional edition allows up to 50 concurrent users. You buy a license per computer / user.


If you need more than 50 concurrent accesses you have to take the enterprise edition.

In contrast to keepass this is a managed database with forces password changes, four-eyes principle.

the enterprise edition additionally supports active directory / LDAP integration
I use keepass v 1.x

Maybe version 2 is right for you?
willlandymoreAuthor Commented:
I saw that one yesterday and tried it out, but is there a way to set security on the actual groups and things so that you can have some users access certain groups and others access other ones? I didn't see a way to do that...
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No, in that case you need different password safes for each group.

willlandymoreAuthor Commented:
I did find this one as well after...

It seems to have the different users and same features as keepass. It's only 75.00 for a professional license which would allow 25 users which seems reasonable.
yes, take the trial version and report here.

So you can inform others too.

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