HP Color LaserJet 3600 Printer goes to sleep and never wakes up

We have 5 HP Color LaserJet 3600 Printers. All are connected through our LAN to our dedicated print server, Win2003R2. They work wonderfully except when they go to sleep. Then we cannot wake them up. Have tried several different drivers, moving them off hubs to direct LAN connections, resetting the Idle Timeout to the highest setting, pinging constantly to try and keep them up and running. We can find no way to have these printers wakeup after they have gone to sleep. Naturally one sits outside the CIO's office and drives him and us nuts. After the printers go to sleep, we have to manually reboot them to wake them up again so they can print. Is there a way around this?  Help!!!!! Cold in Colorado
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I would suggest updating the firmware of the printer..

This is something that should probably be done by your supplier..

Here is a link with what I believe is your printer's latest fimware..
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