Adding POST-parameters before a sendRedirect

Hey guys,

Not even sure if this is even possible, perhaps it's even so simple I'll smack myself when you tell me... Due to a rather weird requirement I need to process a POST request (or rather the results of a user posting some information via form) and then I need to rewire some of that information and send the user along to a different server, with the new information as the body of the request.

I though it'd be a simple manner of adding some bits and pieces to either the request or the response, but I've been sorely mistaken. Does any of you see a way out of this?


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redirects do a GET, pretty sure you can't do a POST
mreuringAuthor Commented:
I didn't stop looking and it seems technically impossible to do. POST data is always sent by the browser, possibly the POST data remains intact during a redirect, but it's certainly not possible to add content to the POST data. GET is not an option, sensitive data should never show up in a url as far as I'm concerned, so the other party will have to change their solution.
Thank you for confirming this though!
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