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Has any one managed to install the AD Serlf Service add on that can be foun don the codeplex website. I tried to install the AD Self Service but when you set a username and password to access AD no other account can then access the page the web part is on has anyone seen this?
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abdulwriteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you verify that your ldap path is set with the "LDAP" part all in caps? That seems to be a frequent issue.
I am sure Codeplex provides a forum where you can ask such question and get a prompt response. Or go to SharePoint AD Self Service which is commercial, maybe you can get the job done without much hassle.
RMADMINAuthor Commented:
Hi Yes i can confirm that LDAP is in capitals. which ever account i use  in the Username and Password fields, that is the only account that can access the page with the web part on.
RMADMINAuthor Commented:
decided to look else where
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