Script to Map a network drive does not work on first time run

Posted on 2009-12-17
Last Modified: 2013-11-09
I have a batch file that establishes a Microsoft VPN Client connection, executes a vbscript then closes the vpn connection.  I think my issue is in the vbscript where the network mapping takes place.  My code is attached and when I run it through the command prompt I get an error:

WSHNetwork.MapNetworkDrive: The network name cannot be found

However, when I run the script a second time, it is successful and finishes without any problems.

Any ideas would be great.


Dim WMI, Configs, Config, Adapters, Adapter

Dim IP, objShell, rteAddCmd, objFSO, logStream, objNetwork

Set objFSO = CreateObject("scripting.FileSystemObject")

Set objNetwork = CreateObject("WScript.Network")

Dim DateToAppend, tempDate, mo, d, ccyy

tempDate = Date()

mo = Month(tempDate)

d = Day(tempDate) 

ccyy = Year(tempDate)

If mo < 10 then

   mo = "0" & mo

End If

If d < 10 then

   d = "0" & d

End If

DateToAppend = ccyy & mo & d

Set WMI = GetObject("winmgmts:{impersonationlevel=impersonate}" _

  & "root/cimv2")


Set Configs = WMI.ExecQuery("Select * " _

  & "From Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration Where IPEnabled=True")


For Each Config In Configs


  Set Adapters = _

    WMI.AssociatorsOf("Win32_NetworkAdapterConfiguration.Index=" _

    & Config.Index, "Win32_NetworkAdapterSetting")


  For Each Adapter In Adapters

    If Left(Adapter.Description, 12) = "WAN Miniport" Then

      'WScript.Echo Config.IPAddress(0)

      IP = Config.IPAddress(0)

    End If



rteAddCmd = "route add externalIP mask " & IP

WScript.Echo "Creating new network route"

Set objShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") "cmd /c " & rteAddCmd

WScript.Echo "Mapping Network Drive"

objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "V:", "\\server\folder\share", True, "folder\username", "password"

If Err.Number <> 0 Then

   objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "V:", True, True

   objNetwork.MapNetworkDrive "V:", "\\server\folder\share", True, "folder\username", "password"

End If

WScript.Echo "Copying File"

If objFSO.fileExists("V:\filename.txt") then

   objFSO.CopyFile "V:\filename.txt" ,"Drive path", True

End If

WScript.Echo "Renaming File"

objFSO.MoveFile "D:\filename.txt", "D:\newfilename" & DateToAppend & ".txt"

WScript.Echo "Removing Network Drive"

objNetwork.RemoveNetworkDrive "Drive letter", True, True

Set objNetwork = nothing

WScript.Echo "Finished"

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Question by:anewlevel4u
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    Accepted Solution

    before doing the Mapping,
    why you don't send a ping in a loop to the cifs server using the name of it, and if it replies successfully then continue with the map...
    LVL 7

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    Author Closing Comment

    This appears to have worked.  I actually had to add the sleep after the "route add" command to get it to register before attempting the ping process.  When I tried the command and immediately tried to ping.  The ping failed.  Thanks for the solution.

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