Assigning a user to a specific Citrix server(s)

I am still looking for the corrrect answer to this question.

We have Citrix Presentation Server 4.5 environment and use HP and Wyse thin clients to connect. We have 5 Citrix servers.

We want to assign only 4 users to Citrix server A. We don't want any other users to be able to log into Citrix A and also not allow these 4 users to log into any other citirx severs.  How can this be done.  It has nothing to do with published apps all servers are identical.  WE are trying to test out our network to see where a bottleneck is.
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amichaellConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I understand, though if you are trying to assign a specific user to a specific server then it is necessary to understand how your users are accessing your resources.  

My answer isn't really going to change from what I told you last time.  Maybe someone else can chime in with a better solution.  Create two sets of published application(s): one for Server A and the other for Server B.  Create a matching AD security group for each published application.  Assign users to those AD security groups.  Grant access to those published applications based upon the AD security groups.  That's standard operating procedure.  I know of no way to accomplish this via Citrix Policies or Load Balancing.  
In at least one of your previous questions covering this you stated you were utilizing published applications.  Is that not the case?  Exactly how are you providing access?  Are you doing published apps?  Published desktops?  
bauerbuiltAuthor Commented:
We do use published apps, but that is not what I'm asking, so i wanted to make sure you knew that.  thru the CAG we use Published desktop, thru the thin client we use Citrix program neighborhood agent.
BLipmanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is ONE very easy way to do this:
publish one application for all users but the four
publishe another identical application to the four users

The names can be nearly identical but all you need to do is say: app1 goes to every server but the one, app2 goes to only the one server.  Neat, tidy, what is your issue with this? I think I have suggested this to you in the past.  
bauerbuiltAuthor Commented:
I have since learned that you are very correct.  However, I also need to go to the administrator side of my thin clients and change the server config file to only allow logging into the one server I want. thanks.
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