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Keeping my GroupWise archive

Greetings Experts,

I am currently using GroupWise 8.0.1 and my entire department is being moved to another location.  After that move we will be set up on a different GroupWise mail box and I am told I will no longer be able to access my archive.

This is very disturbing to me since I always rely on this archive to bail me out on many levels.

1. My organization made the mistake of doing business with an organization that practices shady business and I always have  to remind them of thier obligations and past promisses.

2.  I frequently work with state government and the same applies to them.  I am always having to prove myself or remind them of thier wrong doings.

I have been told they can make my archive available to me but it is a very time consuming process so they have just elected to tell us they won't.

Is there a way to make this happen on my own?  I have administrative rights on my system.  I have the archive folder and its contents.

I have computer knowledge and background.

What would this proces be?

I don't care if I can read the archives in GroupWise, I would be happy just having them in any readable format.


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1 Solution
You have two options.  Get your archive (ofxxxarc) directory copied to a DVD and take it home then download the GroupWise client, setup a remote mailbox account on your home computer, copy the archive from the DVD onto your home computer and continue accessing it in native GW format.

The other is to look at an archive to go product that will convert your GroupWise archive to an Outlook.  There is "archive2go" from Advansys and Transend Migrator (www.transend.com) that do this.

The third option is again to make sure you have your archive and after you get your new mailbox, use the free download utility from Novell to change your archive database FileID (FID which is your 3 character unique ID for your mailbox).  I've done this many times when I had a corrupted mailbox or one that wouldn't move.  I archived everything, deleted the mailbox, created a new one which gave me a new FID (what you'll go through) and then changed the FID of the archive and then un-archived everything back into the system.

The fourth option is to figure out why you've been told you're moving to a new location and will get a new mailbox?  Normally we create a new post office in the same system and move the mailbox and everything is preserved.  Are you getting a new system?  If so, your third option is the best.  If the company is moving away from GroupWise, then one of the first two options will be best for you.

Hope that helps...

taskhillAuthor Commented:
I love this site!  Options, options and more options.

I just have a couple of questions and answers.

If I go with option one will I have to purchase GroupWise?

We are moving locations but not systems.  So I do not know why we are being told this.  From what you explained it does not seem to be an extremely complicated process.  Can you give me the name of the free utility from Novell so I can research it and send it to the my IT department?


The GroupWise client is free for download from www.novell.com/downloads  You need a Novell login account which is also free.

The free utility is gwafe510.exe and should be found at www.novell.com/downloads.

I've worked as a GroupWise engineer for over 16 years and would be happy to explain how to move users so that everyone stays the same regarding GW.
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