OWA 2003

I have this scenario:

Server1: old machine - DC running w2k3 and EXCHANGE 2003, to be disposed
Server2: new machine - DC and Exchange Management Tools
Server3: new machine - member server, EXCHANGE  server 2003

Server 2 and 3 have just been added to the network. Before I installed Exchange on Server3 i moved the company's website (www.mydomain.com) from server1 to server3. Just a plain copy paste. Then I installed Exchange and  the site was populated with Examin, Exchange and ExchWeb folders....if I right click on ExchWeb and then browse....I get this error:
The website declined to show this webpage (Http 403 Forbidden)

IIS looks like this now:
-> Server3
   -> Web Sites
     -> www.mydomain.com
        -> Exadmin
        -> Exchange
        -> ExchWeb
       etc, the rest of the folders

(There is no ISA server, just a hardware router/firewall that redirects ports to internal addresses. OWA did not work on the old Exchange server)

I need to make OWA work and I am not that good with it, I need some help.
Thank you.
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Glen KnightCommented:
Can you check the permissions on the virtual directories on the exchange server as per: http://www.msexchange.org/tutorials/Resetting-OWA-Folder-IIS-security-permissions-Exchange-2003.html
Glen KnightCommented:
you should be browsing to /Exchange
So from a client on your network goto http://newservername/exchange

What do you get?
jeffbourassaAuthor Commented:
I do get a login popup screen, tried to login but won't let me actually login.
I didn't even try http before though......and of course I would like OWA on https.
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Glen KnightCommented:
I am just trying to ascertain where the problem lies.

How have you tried loging in, try using DOMAIN\Username as the username and then the regular password.
This needs to be a user that has a mailbox on this new server.
jeffbourassaAuthor Commented:
Yes, I did that already, domain\user and jusr user, no go. It says waiting .... bottom left corner of IE and looks like it's thinking for a while but doesn't go anywhere beyond that at all.

jeffbourassaAuthor Commented:
The link you gave me is REALLY COOL, thanks
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