Outlook 2007 Delay Delivery with Outlook closed

I am not very familiar with the Delay Delivery feature in Outlook. Would a delayed delivery email send even if Outlook is closed and the computer off? I have not been able to find anything saying definitively that it would or would not send.

I think I recall that with older versions of Outlook and Exchange, Out Of Office messages only sent if the user's Outlook was open, and I wasn't sure if there was some restriction with delayed delivery messages and current versions of Outlook and Exchange.

The client is Outlook 2007, and the server is Exchange 2007.
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PriceDConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This i desinged to send even if the client is open or not.  Some "rules" are client only which means that they ill only sent if outlook is open; however, this setting will delivery if outlook is open or close.  To ensure everything works properly you may wish to run all patches.
mmmfgAuthor Commented:
Thank you!
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