Viewing "Attibute Editor" in ADUC.

On my Vista box, in ADUC, under user properties, I have a tab labled: Attribute Editor.

This same tab is not showing on under the properties of users on our Windows 2003 R2 Terminal Server.

I've re-installed the latest (what I thought to be) admin tool pack for 2003 R2, but still no Attribute Editor.

On my Vista Box, the MMC version is: 6.0 build 6001 and the ADUC version is: 6.0.6001
On the TS, the MMC version is: 5.2 R2 Build 3790 and the ADUC version is: 5.2.3790

Is the Vista version only allowed on Vista and Sever 2008 or is it compatible with 03 R2?

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Mike KlineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The RSAT tools won't install on 2003.  What I'd recommend is setup a Vista or 7 box for your admin workstation....hopefully Windows 7 :)
Mike KlineCommented:
Yeah ADUC in RSAT gives you that tab (which is nice)
appears in Vista, Windows 2008 and R2, and Windows 7.  Not in 2003 R2 and lower
For those that haven't seen what JD is talking about see this blog
JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
Can I install the 2008 versions on 2003 R2? Or is it not compatible?

Thanks again!
JD_PowersAuthor Commented:
Thanks a ton for your help...
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