I'm new to Java can someone help me with this 2 project.
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doitt, what questions do you have:

Here's how Expert exchange works before you get chewed out big time by one of the tougher experts.:  

1) Rules are we can't do your homework.  We can help you if you run into problems, or if you have a specific question about code you have already written...

2) So write some code and if you have questions we will help.  Otherwise I suggest visiting your professor during his office hours.  They are paid to help, so go to him.  

3) Finally, I had many classmates who didn't struggle through programs and learned how to not put forth maximum effort.  Most of them never ever got into the profession (a lot of places ask tough questions that only experience can help with and most give test in some form, some by computer, some by whiteboard)...

so please write some code and you may find you didn't really need help...

I will help you out with in this way:  

You can find all the methods by looking up each class thats needed...look up  JMenu API..look at examples on the page and then write a small program that uses it and test it...basically learn each part by doing small programs...once you understand it, you will know it and how to use it.  Then you can puzzle the small programs together.

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