Public Folder snycing issue

Question about public folders
We are using exchange/outlook 2k7 in cached mode
We are using public folders with contacts. If a new contact is added to the folder it updates correctly.
Under the properties of the public folder address book on the "outlook address book" tab we have the box checked that says "Show this folder as an e-mail address book" so that the public folder is available in the drop down of the GAL.
Does this mean the folder is now apart of the .oab locally?
When a user wants to email a newly added contact to, the contact does not exist - even though it exists in the public folder.
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CompanionCubeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make the Public Folder available offline if you want that available in an offline mode:


Step 1: Enable caching on Public Folder Favorites
Right click on the root of your mailbox and choose Properties
Click the Advanced& button
Click the Advanced tab
Enable Download Public Folder Favorites 
Confirm the notification, close all open Outlook dialogs and restart Outlook as instructed

Step 2: Add the Public Folder to your Favorites
Browse to the Public Folder you want to cache
Right click on the Public Folder and choose Add to Favorites&
Optionally you can click on the Options>> button to configure how subfolders should be handled
Press OK

Note: be careful of which and how many Public Folders you want to cache as Public Folders can sometimes be very large. Youll download all this data in an ost-file on your hard disk and a really large ost-file could result in poor performance.
Once the Public Folder of your choice is added to your Favorites and is available offline:
1. browse to the offline version under Public Folders | Favorites | your folder
2. rt-click | Properties
3. Outlook Address Book
4. Show this folder as an e-mail Address Book, and give it a name such as "Your PF Address Book (Offline Copy)"
swfwmd2Author Commented:
Good information to know, but this did not correct the problem.
I forced a sync by going to (in outlook) tools > Send receive > Download address book
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swfwmd2Author Commented:
When I add the public folder to my favorites, is that making it apart of my .oab?
swfwmd2Author Commented:
I found this site, it seems to be headed in the correct direction, but this did not update the favorites public folder either.
"Does this mean the folder is now apart of the .oab locally?"
No, but I established a procedure to make the PF available offline, similar to having an OAB. See above. Newly added contacts in that PF should sync down to client when client is online in the network. If this is not your goal, please elaborate on your question. Thanks!
swfwmd2Author Commented:
When a public folder is put in the Address list by rt clicking the desired public folder > Properties > Outlook Address Book tab > Tick "Show this folder as an e-mail address book"
After ticking that box the address book shows in the address list as it should.
But when updates and changes are made to the public folder, the changes do not resonate to the copy of the public folder in the address list.
swfwmd2Author Commented:
Fixed it, in order for the a contact to show in the address list, it must have an email address attached to it. Makes complete sense now that I think about it.
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