Enable Previous Versions in Win2003 without allowing a restore.


As I said is there a way to enable previous versions for shared folders in Win2003 R2 without allowing users access to a restore.
All the system are open and have already installed the client software&
I would only like admin/local access to the restore process&

Ive just started on this and I should mention Im also just starting to look into 2008
and its capabilities& it may have better control..

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Henrik JohanssonConnect With a Mentor Systems engineerCommented:
It's client side hotfix/config.
Having R2 as a file server shall not matter.
AS far as I know, this technology is meant for the USER to restore the versions themselves...  http://www.windowsnetworking.com/articles_tutorials/Windows-Server-2003-Volume-Shadow-Copy-Service.html

As an alternative, you could schedule more frequent backups of this data... even just to back it up to file (not tape for faster access).  Then when a user requests a restore, your admin could restore the file.  In this way, the end users would not be able to restore the files themselves...(oh end disable your schedule for previous versions...to eliminate this restore mechanism.)
5thcavAuthor Commented:
A full and incremental backup system is in place.. Shadow copied ever hour 7 to 5.. 5 days a week with 500 gig shadow space..

I may just knock it down to a 5 day shadow.. Its becoming uncomfortable with months of recovery time at the hands of the fools.. aaa ummm employees..
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right....makes sense...

Henrik JohanssonSystems engineerCommented:
Previous versions tab and the restore button can be restricted as described in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/888603
Hotfix is included in XP SP3 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/946480
5thcavAuthor Commented:
I see that posting in ee... I have R2 and should have the fix in palce? OR dosnt mention it is for this verson..
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