How to add a team discussion to a task list

I need to create a task list so that each task has its own discussion board.
Ex.  Task 1  
        Response (discussion of task 1)
       Task 2
        Response (discussion of task 2)
Is this possible.  
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mccarthybriConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you could add an additional column called for example "Response",  have that column be a mutiple line of text, under specify the type of text to allow:go with the enhanced rich text, and then pick yes for Append change to existing text.  This will allow people to continue to enter a new response just to that column by keeping the first entry and each additional comments.  i would give it a try ,test it and see if it will work for you.
Yes.  It would take quite a bit of work though -- you could create a feature that does this.  You might be able to create a custom work flow that does this as well with SharePoint designer.
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