How can I query AD for users enabled for Avaya Modular Messaging?

I dont have access to the MAS servers however I do have access to AD and I know when Modular Messaging was installed there was a schema extension however I am having a hard time finding an attribute to query.  Avayas website seems useless except for non-technical white papers.  Any insight would be great.
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I found a guide for Modular messaging version 3 (published in 2006) here:
In appendix H it has the schema changes made detailed quite nicely.
Keith AlabasterEnterprise ArchitectCommented:
No one is likely to do anything to this question. It does not need more experts reviewing it but requires the asker to show the courtesy of responding to the comment already made. If that has not helped then we can progress but they need to respond first.

Joseph DalyCommented:
Since you dont know the name of the attributes that were added here is what you can do. Download AD explorer

And then browse to a user who you know has avaya messaging. Locate them in ADexplorer and then look in the right hand pane. It will list every attribute for that object. You will probably be able to see the new ones that were added
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