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ubuntu ip plan

Posted on 2009-12-17
Medium Priority
Last Modified: 2012-05-08
Installed ipplan via the apt-get.  The install seemed to go fine. I then launched a web brwoswer and went to http://localhost/ipplan/admin/install.php

I get the fallowing message

#zlib support compiled into php
#output to webrowser will be compressed for quicker loading of pages if web browser supports compression

#DNS zone file exports do not work - unable to create file in /tmp/dns/ - check permissions

#DHCP exports do not work - unable to create file in /tmp/dhcp/ - check permissions
Failed to connect to database

Access denied for user 'ipplan'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

Based on what I can find out this indicated a problem with config.php in relation to the mysql database.  I checked my config.php and am not seeing the issue any suggestions?  here is a copy of the config.php file as well.

// IPplan v4.91a
// Aug 24, 2001
// This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
// it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
// the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
// (at your option) any later version.
// This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
// but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
// GNU General Public License for more details.
// You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
// along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
// Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA.


// define some global variables for database connections
// currently mysql and postgres7 are valid database types.
// maxsql should be used for mysql with transactions (innodb)
// oci8po is valid for oracle 9i (older versions of oracle
// are not supported). sybase, ado_mssql and mssql may work too.
// odbc_mssql should work for windows systems using IIS and mssql
// look in the adodb/drivers directory for additional drivers.

// the database user and password is NOT the same user and password
// used to access IPplan as a regular user.
define("DBF_TYPE", 'maxsql');
define("DBF_HOST", 'localhost');
define("DBF_USER", 'ipplan');
define("DBF_NAME", 'ipplan');
define("DBF_PASSWORD", 'testing');
// enable if using transaction safe tables. should be TRUE for all
// databases except when using mysql with MyISAM tables
// use persistent database connections - not recommended for mysql
// or postgress
// turn on database debugging
define("DBF_DEBUG", FALSE);
// turn on intense php debugging - not the same as DBF_DEBUG
// for most debugging, turn on both!
define("DEBUG", FALSE);
// fix possible adodb issues with Oracle - this is the default,
// but oci8po driver appears to ignore setting?
define ("ADODB_ASSOC_CASE", 0);

// define some global variables for authentication
define("REALM", 'IPplan authentication');
define("REALMERROR", 'You need to enter a valid user-id and password');

// define global admin user and passwd. This is NOT the same user
// and password that the databases use.
define("ADMINUSER", 'admin');
define("ADMINPASSWD", 'admin');
define("ADMINREALM", 'IPplan admin authentication');

// setting to true logs all changes to the AuditLog
define("AUDIT", TRUE);

//---------------------START OF MISC SECTION-----------------

// variable for enabling the view export functionality

// export path for portable export class functionality
define("VIEWEXPORTPATH", "/tmp/export/");

// field separator for import functions
define("FIELDS_TERMINATED_BY", "\t");
//define("FIELDS_TERMINATED_BY", ";");

// maximum number of lines per table - this must be a power of 2!
// eq 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 etc
// don't make this too large else you will get URI too large errors
define("MAXTABLESIZE", 128);

// maximum number of bytes allowed to upload via import functions,
// info fields and attached files
// don't make this too large - consider the disk space as the info
// is stored in your database
// WARNING: this setting will be ignored if it is bigger than specified
// in the php.ini file
// 524288 is the default for Apache - you will get "Document contains
// no data" errors if the Apache limit is exceeded as Apache just
// kills the connection when the upload size is exceeded
define("MAXUPLOADSIZE", 524288);

// repository for files uploaded. this directory should not be
// under the web tree and should be readable and writable by the
// web server - usually user apache and group apache
// see either httpd.conf User directive or ps -ef to see which user
// apache runs under, then set mode 700 on directory and change owner
// to this user
define("UPLOADDIRECTORY", '/var/spool/ipplan');

// default country code ("" for none)

// default state code ("" for none)
define("DEFAULTSTATE", 'FL');

// path to nmap scanner (http://www.insecure.org) - leave blank
// to turn off scanning or if scanner is not available. this will
// not work if php is running in safemode. probing and scanning may
// also be against policy for your site!
define("NMAP", '');
//define("NMAP", '/usr/bin/nmap');

// helpdesk email address
define("HELPDESKEMAIL", 'helpdesk@mydomain.com');

// email SMTP server/relay - either an ip address or domain name
define("EMAILSERVER", 'localhost');

// threshold in percents to warn subnet's admin by e-mail if subnet gets low
// if 0, no warning
define("SUBNETTHRESHOLD", 80);

// enable or disable the request system

// if true the requested email back to user once actioned will be
// sent with no user intervention

// list of customers/AS to display for which people can request IP addresses
// "" for all customers, or comma seperated list of customer index numbers
// obtain a list of index numbers on the admin->maintenance pages
define("REQUESTCUST", '');

// when ranges or aggregates are created, should we test for overlaps within customer?
// RANGETEST=0 - no overlaps allowed at all
// RANGETEST=1 - overlaps within areas allowed
// RANGETEST=2 - any type of overlap allowed

// upgraded versions of IPplan before 4.47 will require a database ALTER TABLE
// to remove UNIQUE index on range field. New installations do not require
// DROP INDEX rangeaddr ON netrange;
// ALTER TABLE netrange ADD  INDEX range_rangeaddr  (rangeaddr, customer);
define("RANGETEST", 0);

// the HNAMEREGEX constant is used to define a regular expression that host names adhere to.
// it is used during record create/edit in various files
define("HNAMEREGEX", '/^(([a-zA-Z0-9]+\.){0,})\.?([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$/');

// the FQDNREGEX constant is used to match fully qualified domain names only
define("FQDNREGEX", '/^(([a-zA-Z0-9]+\.[a-zA-Z0-9]+){1,})\.([a-zA-Z0-9]+)$/');

//-------------------------START OF REGISTRAR---------------------------

// enable and disable SWIP/resgistrar functionality (only useful if
// dealing with ARIN or any other registrar directly)
// valid entries are TRUE or FALSE

// default registry (ARIN/RIPE) - this definition must be uppercase
define("REGISTRY", 'RIPE');

// your network maintainer id used when sending SWIP/registrar updates
define("MAINTAINERID", 'DefaultID');

// e-mail address to send swip/registrar entries to
define("REGEMAIL", 'swip@registrar.net');

// your SWIP/registrar admins e-mail address
define("REGADMINEMAIL", 'myemail@mydomain.com');

// if you are with RIPE and LIR, you'll need your "reg-id"
define("REGID", 'xx.yyyy');

// if you are with RIPE and LIR, you'll need your password
define("REGPASS", 'LIR-PASS');

// whois server
define("WHOISSERVER", 'whois.internic.net');
//-------------------------START OF DNS---------------------------------

// enable and disable DNS - valid entries are TRUE or FALSE

// DNS SOA information in seconds
define("DNSTTL", "21600");        // 6h
define("DNSREFRESH", "86400");    // 1d
define("DNSRETRY", "3600");       // 1h
define("DNSEXPIRE", "604800");    // 1w
define("DNSMINTTL", "21600");     // 6h

define("DNSSERVER1", 'ns1.example.com');
define("DNSSERVER2", 'ns2.example.com');
define("DNSSERVER3", 'ns3.example.com');
define("DNSSERVER4", 'ns4.example.com');

// export path where zone files in XML format will be output ready for
// transformation into zone file for various DNS servers
// NOTE: make sure that the webserver can write into this directory
//   this will usually be the user under which Apache runs. If the
// permissions are not correct, the files will be created in the
// system temp directory, usually /tmp
define("DNSEXPORTPATH", '/tmp/dns/');

// dnsslaveonly is the default setting for when creating new zones. If your
// dns server only serves as a slave for most of your zones, it's helpful
// to set this to "yes". This constant determines whether or not the
// check box for dnsslaveonly will be set on the domain creation form.
// Valid values for this constant are "Y" and "N"
define("DNSSLAVEONLY", 'N');

// automatically create A forward zone records for matching zones when
// updating IP address records - only supported on MySQL and Postgress
//-------------------------START OF DHCP EXTENSION----------------------

// enable and disable DHCP - valid entries are TRUE or FALSE

// export path where DHCP files in XML format will be output ready for
// transformation into DHCP file for various DHCP servers
define("DHCPEXPORTPATH", '/tmp/dhcp/');

// This string identifies ip addresses that belong in the DHCP pool
define("DHCPRESERVED", 'Reserved - DHCP pool');

//-------------------------START OF LANGUAGES---------------------------

// which languages are supported by ipplan - see TRANSLATIONS to
// translate ipplan into your own language. NOTE: English must always
// be in the list and first
$iso_codes = array (
    'pt_BR'=>'Português - Brasileiro',
    'de_DE'=>'German - Auto Translation',
    'it_IT'=>'Italian - Auto Translation',
    'no_NO'=>'Norwegian - Auto Translation',
    'pt_PT'=>'Portuguese - Auto Translation',
    'es_ES'=>'Spanish - Auto Translation');

// should language choices be displayed?
//-------------------------START THEME CHOOSER-------------------------

// Each line defines an available theme and gives it a name.

$config_themes = array (
    "Red Grey" => "red_grey.css",
    "Classic" => "default.css",
    "Pastel"  => "pastel.css",
    "Penguin" => "penguin.css");

//-------------------------START OF AUTHENTICATION----------------------

// settings to alter methods of authentication - either using ipplans
// own internal authentication or your own external authentication
// NOTE: don't mess with these settings if you are not sure what you
// are doing

// associative array index which contains current authenticated user
// from $_SERVER. This should be set to REMOTE_USER if using external
// authentication
define("AUTH_VAR", 'PHP_AUTH_USER');

// type of authentication, either internal or external
// having issues with external authentication? search for var_dump in
// auth.php and follow the instructions above the var_dump line

// show logout button - this is not secure, so turned off by default
// best method to logoff is to close all browser instances
// useful for testing

// default read-only SNMP community string - used for reading routing
// tables and probing devices
define("SNMP_COMMUNITY", 'public');

// uncomment and config with your CAS server parameters for CAS Authentication
// after config as external authentication.
// as with all external authentication the user must still be created in IPplan
define("AUTH_CAS", FALSE);
define("AUTH_CAS_SERVER", 'myCASserver.mydomain');
define("AUTH_CAS_PORT", 443);  // it's a safe port
define("AUTH_CAS_CLASS", 'CAS/CAS.php');

//-------------------------START OF MENU EXTENSION----------------------

// private menu extensions to the ipplan menu system
define("MENU_PRIV", FALSE);
".|My site menu
..|First menu item|http://www.example.com
..|Second menu item|http://www2.example.com

// URL under which IPplan is installed. May be required for servers
// using virual hosts for which IPplan cannot figure out the URL
// This parameter should be in a directory format.
// if IPplan is at URL http://myhost.com/ipplan, then this setting
// should be /ipplan
// NOTE: no http, no hostname, no trailing /
define("BASE_URL", '');

//---------------------START OF AUDIT TRIGGER EXTENSION-----------------

// turn on external user trigger function - see user_trigger() function
// in ipplanlib.php
// for this to work, audit log (AUDIT config option) must be true

define("CUSTOM_CONFIG_DIR", "/etc/ipplan");

Question by:KrisArmstrong

Accepted Solution

sardiskan earned 2000 total points
ID: 26075236
THis message simply means that the user ipplan doesn't not have proper access permissions in the mysql database.

Go into the mysql database client and add ipplan.

mysql>grant all privilges on databasename.* to ipplan@'localhost' identified by 'password';

mysql> flush privilges;

After you do this, you can test connectivity from the command line by typing:

mysql -uipplan -p databasename

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