DFS Share Permission problem

I have a DSF set up on a domain controller and dfs links that point to one file server act weird.
I have a dfs link called arch_clubsocial that point to \\sscancun\dfsshare\arch_clubsocial
When a domain admin try to reach it using the dfs or directly from \\sscancun...clubsocial it is ok so the dfs link works also.
When a regular user access it using \\sscancun...clubsocial it is fine but when he tries using the dfs it says access denied??
All permission on sscancun are fine since he is able to access it directly, and there is no permission on the dfs interface so what is the problem??
The dfs system creates a whole set of empty folder representing dfs links and if I add a user to \\sscancun\dfsshare\arch_clubsocial I can see it is automatically replicated to \\ssroma\masterfolder\arch_clubsocial so the permission sync works.
I don't know what next to try
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SigSupportConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I fixed it. There was a corruption somewhere, but just by deleted the link and recreated it the problem was fix.
DFS share on each server should have assigned Full control
Share level permission is not replicated, hence you have to assign this permission manually on all the servers.

Verify the user has required permission on the DFS share (from DFS console)
Venugopal NConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Also check the NTFS permission for the share ( NTFS permission will override the share permission )
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SigSupportAuthor Commented:
Hi subhashm,
I  don't understand "Verify the user has required permission on the DFS share (from DFS console)". In the DFS mmc console there is no field anywhere for permissions.
The share on the target server are fine because if the user go directly to it instead of using the DFS sharing system all is ok, so has to be related to something on ssroma the dfs server.

Other dfs on the same target server works so the shares permissions are working. But I have notice 2 strange things.
The root of the dfs on ssroma (the dfs server) is d:\masterfolder (this is the one share). And the ntfs permission on it are fine but there is no ntfs tabs on any of the sub folder like arch_clubsocial.
instead of using the dfs rook \\teknor.com\masterfolder which works, if the try to access \\ssroma\masterfodler it says access denied so there must be permission  somewhere else to make the dfs root works.
How many servers you have in which DFS shares are distributed?
SigSupportAuthor Commented:
I'd like to add that if I browse from my pc to \\teknor.com\masterfolder and do a properties on the arch_clubsocial link I do see the security tab and I see testuser2 listed as read so it is fine, but still testuser2 cannot access it.
subhashmConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Can you try accessing the folders directly on each server.
For eg., you got serverA & ServerB, where you have DFS.
If so, try accessing "\\ServerA\DFSshare\...." and "\\ServerB\DFSshare\...."
SigSupportAuthor Commented:
There is 2 server: ssroma the dfs server link provider and the links that I am having problem points to sscancun.
If the user directly tries \\sscancun\dfsshare\arch_clubsocial it works. Not the dfs room which is \\teknor.com\masterfolders\arch_clubsocial.
Please note that I have another link that is \\sscancun\dfsshare\arch_fae which works for that user using \\teknor.com\masterfolder\arch_fae after I added his name to the permissions of that folder.
So some links pointing to sscancun works and others don't but all folders works when going directly to the sscancun server.
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