Hot to get Vista to connect to internet. System connects to local and stops on broadband connection

How force Vista to connect to internet with Broadband card. Novatel EVOD card used connection and authentication successfully but no bridge to internet.
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You need to make sure your broadband device is getting an IP address. Check the network devices section for a valid IP address. You might also have to activate your novatel card before it will work. I don't think this is a Vista specific issue.
Setup the ip address manually and things shoud be fine for you :
I had the problem with vista not picking up the ip address automatically via dhcp hence had to manually add an ip address from the 192.168.1.x and then set default gateway as and dns servers as per the wireless provider and everything was working fine without hassles.
If he has a boadband card, he can't setup a manual IP address on it. He'll have to get a DHCP address from the ISP assigned to that card.
Oldman-NYCAuthor Commented:
Card was not fully activated after Sprint switched the ESN number for service to new laptop. Also needed to insure that reply from Sprint server had been achieved successfully otherwise card would be issued an IP but Sprint server would not reply.
So why a "B" grade? Did I not answer your question fully?

Per your reply: "Card was not fully activiated" which is exactly what I said "You might have to activate your novatel card..."

Is there something else I could have added to earn an "A"?
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