dynamically building flowchart visio excel

i found this article which looks realy useful however i am using 2003 and the only flowcharter that can be dynamically built is the org chart or gantt nither of which provide the flexibility of the article doesn anyone know more about what verision the article reffers to and why its not available in 2003?

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Scott HelmersVisio Consultant, Trainer, Author, and DeveloperCommented:
The author of the article was apparently using Visio 5 (l learned this by clicking on "[53 Comments]" at the top of the article and scanning through the comments). Visio 5 was the penultimate version of Visio produced by Visio Corp. before the company was acquired by Microsoft. Visio 2000 was released by Visio Corp. just prior to the MS acquisition and there were several Visio 2000 editions released by MS after the purchase. The first brand new release from Microsoft after the acquisition was Visio 2002. Apparently the "import from .CSV" option was dropped in the Microsoft versions. (I won't be offended in the slightest if you don't care but there's a detailed history of Visio here: http://visio.mvps.org/History.htm)

End of history lesson!

The bottom line is that Visio no longer lets you import text files to create diagrams. The only way to accomplish that AFAIK is to use code. There's an excellent article on the Visio Guy's web site about creating flowcharts using code:

Please let me know if this help of if you still need additional assistance.


9772885Author Commented:
Thank you this def exaplains the issue, i have now written something in code but i wil look at the articke as im sure i can make some imrovements thanks
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