Where can I find some good templates for business design specifications for a dimensionally modeled cube?

I'm going to be designing a data cube for Cognos PowerPlay, using Cognos Transformer.  I'd like to lay out all of the business requirements in a very organized fashion.  Historically, our company has not done this in a standard way.  Each project collects the business requirements in its own unique way, and has its own unique type of requirements documentation...some don't have any at all.

Are there any websites that might have a handful of document templates I can reference, or can you share any from your own experience?
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Here are a couple of possible sites for you to try.

Bi PM INstitute
This link has a pre-interview cover letter and interview tracking sheets to collect business requirements.

Kimball University
This is not a template but I think you will find it interesting.  The templates are in the toolkit books which if you don't have them already you should get them (The DataWarehouse toolkit - Kimball http://www.amazon.com/Data-Warehouse-Toolkit-Complete-Dimensional/dp/0471200247 )

If you are using SQL server I would recommend the templates in the documentation.
Tim86Author Commented:
Thanks.  This got me pointed in the right direction.
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