CA Top Secret for mainframe z/OS

Does anyone know if CAIRIM must be completely loaded before starting the Top Secret Subsystem and Top Secret started task?

CAIRIM is delivered as part of CA's z/OS Common Services and the LMP component provides licensing services to many of CA's z/OS solutions.

Thank you.
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giltjrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I have not used Top Secret, but I have used other CA products that used LMP and they required CAIRIM to be loaded prior to them starting.  Without CAIRIM they can't verify they are licensed.

Now, my personal opinion is that it would be poor design to require your security system to wait for a licensing manager to be started before it could be loaded and protecting your system.

I would assume that this information would be in the Top-Secret documentation.
jhufnagleAuthor Commented:
Looking for a bit more information. I agree that the this CA Licensing product but, my question is that since Top Secret is also CA, does CAIRIM have to be loaded before the Top Secret subsystem loads?

Thank you.
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