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Hi all,
PLease could someone assist me with some details around virtual NIC's.

In my scenario, I have a std Win2003 physical server, with 2 x NIC's. One of them is used with the Std '03 OS. The server is underutilised, so I installed vmware server 2 onto it, and setup a virtual machine. I have configured the VM's NIC in bridge mode, and assigned it to the spare NIC.
My query is, I want my VM to run on a different network to the one connected to the host OS's. However the host OS is controlling both physical cards essentially. How do I setup the VM on a different network, without having the spare nic in the host OS recieve an IP adress from the second network? I don't want my std '03 OS connected to the second network in anyway... Am I missing something, or is this simply done by assigning the spare NIC in th ehost OS a random IP address, then in the VM assigning the correct ip address to the virtual NIC?
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larstrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This is indeed possible on VMware Server. Just unbind the tcpip protocol from one of the nics on the host and it will not get any network connectivity on that nic. Also, make sure the VMware Bridge Protocol is kept checked.


This is not possible in VMware server. The host OS controls the hardware, so it's not possible to deny it access.

If your server is on the hardware compatibility list for VMware ESX 4i, you could install ESX 4i free edition, and run both OSs as VMs within it.
zimbomanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Lars, that was exactly what I was looking for. I had just applied a random ip address to the interface, I.e. - but I think your solution is better.
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