Delivery and Read receipts for Exchange 2007

I have installed and setup a new SBS2008 with Exchange 2007. I have not altered much (if anything) in Exchange away from standard, default installation.
External Read receipts are received by external clients but not quickly.
External Delivery receipts are not received by external clients at all.
I want both Read and Delivery reports to be returned to external clients.
Any advice ?
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CompanionCubeConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have any locally running spam software or Email AV software running?
Do you have a hosted spam filtering services such as Postini?
Anything else that might capture the email going outbound or even inbound?
property page of the default remote domains policy under Organization Configuration > Hub Transport > Remote Domains > Default - Message Formats
set to allow Delivery Receipts
jwjjwjAuthor Commented:
Sorry, should have advised, checked this, all the options I have set to Checked or on.
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What Service Pack and/or Rollups are installed on the E2K7 server?
krishnasmtpport25Connect With a Mentor Commented:

Below link has the details on why you don't get delivery recipients for Internet accounts

jwjjwjAuthor Commented:
Thanks to CompanionCude and krishnasmtpport25 for your comments.
CompanionCube, I do have spam filtering services running however no changes have been made to this service when using SBS2003 and Exchange 2003, From the birth of the Exchange2007 system, Delivery reports are not exchanged wereas, using the same facilities and features of spam filtering, they were with 2003.
Krishnasmtpport25. I have read that info you directed me to but I find it outside our boundries of moving to POP3 or the other methods, I simply want Exchange 2007, to exchange delivery reports in a similar manner to Exchange 2003.

If Exchange2007 does not do this, then we will have to live with it, however thought I would ask the question.
jwjjwjAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your help, unfortunately there appears to be no clear answer to what appears to be a simple requirement for services that work successfully under sbs2003 exchange 2003 but not under sbs2008 exchange 2007. I would think even Microsoft, being the only game in town to speak, would all the sending and receiving of email receipts, unless denied by the the remote client.
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