Cat food in the toilet


My boyfriend has what I consider to be an annoying habit of cleaning the our cat's food bowls out in the downstairs toilets. He empties the uneaten food into the toilet then washes them in the sink. I said that I didn't think he should do that because the food might build up in the U bends and block the toilet. He said how is cat food more likely to block the toilet than faeces and I don't know. Perhaps faeces is easier to break down in water than cat food but I don't know the answer. I'm hoping you experts might know!!!

Many thanks
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Anthony RussoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The cat food is in smaller chunks than feces would be so will easily break up in the system. There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Also if you consider the different levels of 'consistency' that feces goes down into the toilet, I'm sure you could realize that if the more 'solid' forms of that can make it down, then cat food will as well.
MunndayCommented: have nothing to worry about....
Human feces breaks down easily.

Cat feces w/litter is a severe clog risk, even if only the litter that clings to poop, because it adheres even after poop is gone... food ought to break down ok, but I can see how it might not.
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Assuming this is dry food, as an experiment, put a little in a bowl and add water. You end up with mush after a little while.
Anthony RussoCommented:
Neveer put litter in your toilet, or sink or anywhere but the garbage. That would defniately not be good for your system.

On a side note, I had a friend years ago that did a bonehead move of dumping clumping cat litter in the toilet and it turned into a solid block of concrete and he had to get a new toilet because he couldn't release it.

We were kids in our teens and he got in a lot of trouble by parents but it is funny now looking back when we bring it up.

Jared LukerCommented:
Come on people... the OP didn't say anything about putting litter in the toilet.  

I have to agree with the above.  Cat food should flush without any problem and would be very soft within hours of being flushed if it did jam up the line...
Your husband should just wipe, in the case of soft cat food, the dish clean using a paper towel and put the excess food in the trash can in your kitchen where the human trash goes.

You should not want the cat bowl and food around the bathroom sink where you and your family maintain hygiene, brush teeth, etc.

The toilet water will soften the hard cat food quickly.

It's a matter of etiquette.

Maybe you can train your cat to eat out of it's bowl in some part of the kitchen, so the kitchen will be a convenient place to dump the excess food.

If your husband is in this habit it may be hard to break. Get the cat food bowl as far from the bathroom as you can so it becomes inconvenient for him to carry it all the way downstairs.

I would not call it non sanitary or an issue for the plumbing, but it is not a common practice and a just bad habit by your husband.

I see mention of litter. That is a definite no no for the toilet. I have got some neighbors who dump their litter in the dumpster, and that is not good. They should dump it in the woods behind their house.
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