How to configure email rules on HTC Hero Phone

Is there a configuration to automatically send Bcc: when sending email from HTC Hero cell phone on the Sprint Network?   Example: when I send an email to I want a copy of the email sent Bcc: to  I can auto-forward email sent to to my office company email account so I have a record of what was sent from my cell phone.  Please provide configuration steps using POP3.  IMAP is undesired.  Our company email is hosted.  MS Exchange is not available.
Lance McGrewIT DirectorAsked:
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lherrouConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I am not aware of any way to use the Hero email program and BCC yourself like this. Here's what I suggest instead - set up a gmail account and use that. You can send the messages as if they come from, but send them through gmail. Your sent emails will be kept on the gmail server, so you retain a record of what's been sent.

Lance McGrewIT DirectorAuthor Commented:
provided some help but not a working solution
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