Cisco Network Magic Trial Expired and cannot save as PDF for Office 2007

One of my mobile users has installed a Trial Version of Network Magic in a SONY VAIO laptop running Vista Business 32 bit and after the trial expired, Office 2007 cannot save document as a PDF file and give an error the printer xxxx cannot be found..

The above problem contradicts with my assumption that "Save as PDF" plug-in of Office 2007 should be independent of the Printer Spooler services and should work regardless whether printers has been installed or not. Besides, I guess that Network Magic has taken over the default printer spooler service of Vista so when the Network Magic has been installed.

Are my assumptions above correct?

How does "Save as PDF" work in creating a PDF file?

What are the changes being made by Network Magic to Windows Vista?

How to make "Save as PDF" work again without removing Network Magic?

P.S. I have asked the user to remove Network Magic but the user insists to keep the expired software.
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Jackie ManAsked:
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Jackie ManAuthor Commented:
Actually, I have asked the user to re-install the add-on before seeing your comments, but the user prefers to renew Cisco Network Magic and the problem has been solved afterwards.
When you create a PDF file you are actually "printing" to your PDF printer to convert whatever you are "saving" from its original format to a PDF. Think of a PDF as a much smarter image of whatever kind of document it was made from.

You didn't mention what PDF software or version you actually use but I will assume that it is Adobe Acrobat since that is quite common. If settings were overwritten by Network Magic I would go into Control Panel > Programs and Features and try to do a "repair" on Adobe Acrobat or whatever PDF software you are using. If the program does not support the repair option then you might actually have to uninstall it, restart the computer and reinstall it - remembering to fully update it afterward. Hopefully you will be able to do a repair on it rather than reinstall it since that will take a little longer to get it updated again.
Jackie ManAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.

Office 2007 "Save as PDF" plug-in in the URL below.

Have you tried downloading and reinstalling the addon again? That might be all you need to do to reset the settings of it. Make sure that you all the applications closed before doing the reinstall.
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