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I have linksys wrvs4400n  I 've created VPN  with user name and password  and it's working good  with Linksys quick vpn software on windows xp,but when I installed Linksys quick vpn on windows 7 it doesn't work  after gives me a  message says (the remote getaway is not responding.Do you want to wait) I tried several solution by disabling windows firewall and Internet security firewall. I also tried to use  quick vpn client software version by Cisco but still doesn't work

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According to Cisco , is not fully compatible with Windows 7.  
Have a look here:;jsessionid=C06B7E323D68B806A665A070F2790101.node0

Cisco says to check for an update within a few months.  

Did the VPN go down or have you lost internet connectivity at the PC end? Can you still ping its external address?
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