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Good day,

I am intending to download and install a Linux Variant with the purpose of learning more about linux as I intend to write my IPL certification sometime next year.

Which would be the best Linux variant to install for this purpose considering I last worked with Fedora Core 9. Also where is a good place to download ebooks about the IPL certification?


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It doesnt matter what version of linux you use as IPL is vendor independant. You may as well use the latest version of fedora as you are familiar with it. You can download an ipl ebook here -
profjohan11Author Commented:
Is there a good virtual machine type of program that I can run this on my laptop?
You may wish to consider not using a particular distribution at all, and may consider building the entire OS from source as that may yield the most indiscriminate information.

As Linux is far from standardized, I would lean towards something that isn't based on a Distro.

Here is a good start:

And for virtualization, I would recommend using virtualbox ose, as this has better support for sound and usb with the host os.

Hope this helps!
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