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ASP.net code to parse POP3 mails

Hello All,
I have a VB.net windows app which streams through emails from a givena mailbox and saves the data into the DB.

We are now in the process of changing the mail setup, I mean from Pop3 to Exchange mailbox.

I dont know whether this change will have an impact on the attached code, please can someone have a look and advice?

Any help/advise/suggestion is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Dim POPClient As Pop3.Pop3MimeClient
        Dim OrderID As Integer
        Dim MailServer As String = My.Settings("MailServer")
        Dim EmailBody As String
        Dim Testing As Boolean = True

            Dim Username = "testing@xyz.com"
            Dim Password = "testing"

            POPClient = New Pop3.Pop3MimeClient(MailServer, 110, False, Username, Password)

            'Connect to the POP server

            Dim NumberOfEmails As Integer
            Dim MailBoxSize As Integer
            POPClient.GetMailboxStats(NumberOfEmails, MailBoxSize)

            '*** Process orders ****
            For i As Integer = 1 To NumberOfEmails
                Dim DSO As New DropShipOrderClass
                Dim m As New Pop3.RxMailMessage

                'Get the next email
                POPClient.GetEmail(i, m)

                'Emails from test
                If InStr(m.From.Address, "testing@xyz.com") Then
                    'Email should only be processed if it's an order
                    If InStr(m.Subject, "Order") > 0 Then
                        DSO = CreateOrderFromEmail(m.Bod)
                        If Not DSO Is Nothing Then
                            OrderID = AddOrder(DSO, m.Body)
                            If OrderID > 0 Then
                                If Not Testing Then
                                End If
                            End If
                        end If
                    End If
                End IF

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1 Solution
charlie324Author Commented:

thanks for your input.

i am unable to understand how does it all working ...

thanks for the help

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