Can't Copy Between Two Different Excel Instances

Hi All,

I hope you can help with this as it's an odd one. Everything was fine up until the beginning of the week but now there is an issue with Excel.

The user has two different instances of Excel 2007 open, each one containing a different spreadsheet. Now usually all they did was highlight the cell they wanted to copy, ctrl+c it and then click on the cell on the other spreadsheet and ctrl+v it. Now however when you click on the cell you want to paste it to it won't paste but if you then double click on the cell and try and paste in edit mode it comes up with the error "too many different cell formats".

It's puzzling me because the issue doesn't arise if you open both spreadsheets in only one instance of excel, only if it's between two instances. However if you copy from the cell in edit mode it will do it fine between the instances. It's only when you highlight the cell and copy it that the problem occurs.

I hope that's clear enough, if not please ask for more information and I will try and provide it.

As I said nothing has changed since Monday, but now it just won't work, it will if you go into edit mode before copying and if you open both spreadsheets in one instance. It won't work if you just highlight the cell and copy it.

Thanks in advance

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ghoshsaikat83Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This seems very unusual to me....I hope the format of the cells that you are copying are same. I mean to say that the cells are not merged of anything...?

andreyman3d2kConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This might help. An article by microsoft about this error.
Not sure if this is true, but the error occurring only between instances might have to do with Excel having to pass the copied information to Windows, then back to Excel when copying between instances (like copying between different applications entirely). Whereas when they are in the same instance, it is using some internal clipboard that is able to store more formats.
sardiskanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Make sure the compatibility pack hasn't been installed.
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