How to find out all files and their appropriate paths on drive using powershell?

Hi All,

Just need PS script which will display me all files and their paths in second column for example on some hard drive.
Lets say that I have "C:\" hard drive and i'm interesting to see all files with their paths.

I find out this code:

$Path = "d:\backups"
$a = get-Childitem $Path -recurse | format-table -group{$_.Path} name, directory -autosize

but it works only for backups folder, when I replace it to "d:\" it doesn't work I get message: WARNING: column "directory" does not fit into the display and was removed.

So folks, what I'm doing wrong?

Thanks for answer in advice.

Best Regards.
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Have your tried setting the path $Path="d:" without the backslash?
davidzakAuthor Commented:
Yes, unfortunately same behavior...
I think the problem is generated becuase as it recurses down through the directories, the output for directory gets progressivly longer and ultimately will not fit in the display.  Perhaps adding wrap will help.  Try the following:

$Path = "d:\"
$a = get-Childitem $Path -recurse | format-table -group{$_.Path} name, directory -wrap -autosize
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I have test this syntax in both PS1.0 and 2.0 and it worked fine at three machines -

$Path = "D:\"
$a = get-Childitem $Path -recurse | format-table -group{$_.Path} name, directory -autosize

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davidzakAuthor Commented:
I want to see this one: get-Childitem "c:\" -force -recurse | format-table -group{$_.Path} name, directory | out-file -width 250 "c:\foo.txt"
You may also try working with CSV file -

get-Childitem "c:\" -force -recurse |Select-Object Name,FullName |Export-Csv "c:\foo.csv"

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