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Infopath Submit Dataset containing multiple tables to Web Service

I am using a web service to query/update SQL tables from InfoPath.  I put multiple tables in my dataset, and they show up correctly in Infopath.  When I change data in InfoPath, and do Submit, it sends back the DataSet. How does my UpdateCommand function know what info changed? For example, which table.
I had this working correctly when my dataset contained only one table, because the Primary Key was set to point to the modified row.  But how does it work now that I have a dataset with mulitple tables.
Thank you!
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FingPhotoAuthor Commented:
Let me know if this question is not clear.
With a primary table and child tables, you must have foreign key relationships to keep the relationships in sync.
To your more basic question a typical update just resubmits everything, some being changes, other data being identical or unchanged.

Are you actually having a problem or just want to know?
FingPhotoAuthor Commented:
I eventually got this to work.
I'm new to this and didn't know how the SQLAdapters, tablemapping, etc work, but I've got it figured out now.  I was trying to force a single SQLDataAdapter to work with more than 1 table.
I also didn't know that when a InfoPath submits a Dataset back to the web service that that Dataset only contains items that need to change. Is that correct?
FingPhotoAuthor Commented:

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