Cannot delete a excel csv file


Even though I have rebooted my server, there are two Excel csv files that cannot be deleted, it always says "File is in use by another user..."

Any idea how can I delete it?
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BarthaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the files are in use by a user on the network, then they must be accessing the server via a share.  All such file accesses should be viewable in the Computer Management's Open Files.  Right-click My Computer and choose Manage: in the folder list, open the Shared Folders section and open the Open Files option beneath there.  If the files are in this list, you will also know the name of the account which is accessing the files.

If the files do not appear in that list, then they must either be opened by something running on your machine or the file system is corrupt in some manner.  Have you tried a full scan on the partition?

If you have performed a full scan on the partition, then it must be something running on the system.  If you have Terminal Services running on the server, then it could be a user accessing them.  Failing this, I'd suggest running the Rootkit Revealer to rule out something untoward running hidden.

Rootkit Revealer:

Please try , that program lets you unlock locked files and delete if necessary.

Let us know how you get on.
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:
tried it before opening a question here.  But this software said, no lock handling found.  it cannot unlock, move, or either rename.
KANEWONGAuthor Commented:

I called one of my co-worker, he told me that he was opening the file from his laptop yesterday, once he open it again and move the file, now everything is fine.

He might not close the file properly, just like close the lid without closing the file.  What the got dammed co-worker.
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