Adding RPC Virtual Directory

In trouble shooting Outlook Anywhere on Exchange 2007 I have removed the RPC Proxy, deleted
the 2 virtual directories and disabled Outlook ANywhere. I restarted the server. Added the RPC Proxy in "Add Features" and enabled Outlook Anywhere and restarted server. No virtual directories have been created. I did this 2x with no luck.

I get this error now on connectivity test.
Testing Http Authentication Methods for URL 
  Http Authentication Test failed
   Additional Details
  A Web Exception occurred because an HTTP 503 - ServiceUnavailable response was received from Unknown  

Is there a way to add the Virtual Directories manually?

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RovastarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sorry some background:
The 503 error is handled by the http.sys component before it get to IIS. Hence it is these logs.
The directories are created automatically, you cannot create them manually.
When you removed them, did you run IISRESET afterwards? If not then the IIS Metabase wasn't updated.

Therefore, remove the proxy again from Windows Components.
Then run IISRESET. That will ensure the IIS metabase is refreshed correctly.

Then reinstall the component.

look in the http.sys logs for more details of your 503 error message.

the default location of these is:

<windows dir>/system32/logfiles/httperr/<date>

Post these here for the relevant time.

That should give you most of the info you need to troubleshoot this.

Use this page:
Section:Types of errors that the HTTP API logs
look up the reason and look at the explanation for more info on the http.sys 503 error.
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