Sync Mobile Device with Windows 7

Hi all,

First of all MERRY CHRISTMAS to you all!!!

And now the important bit...

I have just had a new works laptop given to me with Windows 7 Pro installed.  All well and good... so far!

Despite this being a faster systems and OS there are a few bits that leave me guessing.

Does anyone know how to get a Toshiba G810 Portege Windows Mobile phone to connect and sync?

I found some info advising the download of WMDC (Windows Mobile Device Centre) but after installing it I get a pretty picture of 2 mobile devices with 'Not connected' written below them.  I have set the Mobile Device Settings options by ticking everything.  Still no joy.

I expected a prompt to appear when I connect my phone to USB but nothing at all happens.

Please help as soon as possible.  This is driving me nuts!

Many thanks in antici....pation!
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Pr1zConnect With a Mentor Commented:
My experience with Windows 7 and sync'ing is that it worked right out of the box.  The only thing that springs to mind is that Windows Mobile 6.1 devices can only sync with 2 PC's at a time - if you already have 2 partners configured (you last PC + 1 other) then it wont want to sync with this new Windows 7 PC.  Having said that I would still expect it to show up in the Device Manager.

On you Smartphone I would check that there is a spare slot to sync with Start ==> Programs ==> ActiveSync ==> Menu ==> Options, then delete any hosts that you are no longer able to sync with.  Then re-present it to your Windows 7 PC and see what happens, hopefully it will ask for your PIN number and set up a partnership for you.  I trust you have already found this page, it's for Vista but still holds a lot of truth ==>  You may also find some entries in the Application and/or System logs.

You need correct W7 drivers that are native to phone.
If you can not get W7 then try the one's for Vista (run installer in <vista compatibility mode).
Meno male che Silvio c'e ... :-)
HowcoAuthor Commented:
This was half of the fix.
The other half was that the phone had refused connection since the last laptop it connected to.  The usual IT secret of 'Turn it off and on again' soon fixed that :o)

Many thanks... All working now.

Merry Christmas to you all!!
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