How to block port in router

How to block port 80 ,443 in cisco 2800 router and divert all Lan internet traffic to port 3128 (squid Server)
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memo_tntConnect With a Mentor Commented:

you need to create an ACL that deny ports 443, 80, 8080, and 3128
and allow only access to port 3128 to your squid server .. and assign it to your WAN interface ..

access-list 111 permit tcp any host YOUR.SERVER.IP eq 3128
access-list 111 permit tcp host YOUR.SERVER.IP any eq 3128
access-list 111 deny ip any any

then add proxy to your LAN PCs for your squid server
You want to configure a transaprent proxy for your LAN??

You can block port 80,443 from your router and then configure all your hosts to use a proxy...
pawanopensourceAuthor Commented:
comment given by expert works in my case
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