How do I stop TLS SPAM on Exchange 2007?

I have a Windows 2008 domain that has Exchange 2007 installed. I have a server running a spam filter called LightSpeed ( that has been working well however this new rash of spam, according to the LightSpeed technician, is TLS encrypted and so their filter never sees it. I need to find a way to stop it and need some advice. I can see on the receive connector that TLS is enabled. I only have the one Exchange 2007 server so do I need this to receive SMTP email? If not, how do I properly disable it to stop this spam?


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Or install a spam filter that is tls capable.
dcadlerAuthor Commented:
Both of those links refer to the send connector. My problem is that I am receiving TLS encrypted mail in the form of spam. Is there a similar process for the receive connector?

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