public address book group used in @DBlookup

I have an application tht contains an approval and rejected button.  In the hide logic I used to reference a forms field called CMapp_email which contained peoples email addresses.  These address names were used to determine who had access to approve or reject requests.
The admin that supports that form containing the referenced CMapp_email field wanted to put group names in there instead of peoples email addresses so that they only had to change the names in the address book groups.  the problem is there is a DBlookup to that CMapp_email field where the addresses used to be, now the DBlookup is still accessing that field but now that field has public address book group lists in it.  The problem is now no one is seeing the approve or reject buttons.  (CMapp_email contains muti use group names from the public address book)
Here is the logic in the hide for those buttons:
key := CMsub_sys + "PkgApprovals" + @Middle(CMpkgID;2;2) + CMpkg_status;
temp := @DbLookup(""; ""; "CMapprovals";key; "CMapp_email");
@IsNotMember(@Name([Abbreviate];@UserName);@Name([Abbreviate];temp))  | CMpkg_status = "Closed"

I'm wondering if DBlookup is taking the groupnames in that field as literal actual values instead of cross referencing the address book group names.  This is my belief on what is happening.
Is there a straight forward enough way to get around this where the dblookup knows that those are group names and goes the extra mile to check the names in those groups ???

Thank You !
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Hi Paul,

@DbLookup is quite straightforward: it goes through a view ONCE and finds all matching documents. Period. So it'll find a group in the Groups view (if you look there) but it won't find groups containing groups (or deeper nested constructions).

The best way you can do this is by using LotusScript. Here's code that you may have to adapt, but it does do what you want: is a user member of a group.!opendocument

All you have to do is find a way to activate the Hide-whens on the form... ;-)
pratiganAuthor Commented:
Hello Sjef.... thank you for the feedback.  This would do what I need, however between this and the hid logic changes, I've decided to keep it the way it is right now.  The bottom line is IT WORKS now.  Not worth the time to change it.
Just was wondering if there was an easy enough straight forward way to do it.
Thank You !
Merry Christmas !!
Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Thanks!! And a Merry Christmas to you too!

To everybody!

PS Even to the people who failed to do something for the planet Earth in Copenhague...
pratiganAuthor Commented:
Totally Agree !!
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