Launcing IE as run-once without changing home page with GPO

I have an Intranet site that I want all users to launch automatically at logon to a Windows Server 2008 AD environment.  I also want it so whenever the user launches IE it will go to this Intranet site first, but then allow them to click on the "Home" button and go to their configured Home Page (e.g.,, etc.).  I have it set now through GPO that their home page is forced to my Intranet site and I automatically launch iexplore.exe at logon.  This works, but I would rather have it launch as a "run-once" like MS does when you first launch IE on new machine and then allow the users to set their own home page.  Is this possible?
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its sounds even, like a logon script would be good... in the logon script, you open IE and display your company web page...  

In this way, the next time IE is opened, they still can set thier own webpage for the home page in IE.

Here is a way to open IE to in a vbscript:

Set objIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")

With objIE
      .navigate ""
End With

'Wait until IE has finished loading
Do While objIE.ReadyState <> 4
      WScript.Sleep 100

Set objIE = Nothing
in other words, every time they client reboots the machine and logs in, this IE webpage (of the company) will launch...

But then if the user closes the IE page... and starts IE again, thier home will be displayed (not you company page).

You can do this with the STARTUP

lecommAuthor Commented:
First part correct, every time they login IE launches the Intranet site.  However, I also want to have it so if they close this IE window and later launch it again I want it to again go to Intranet site, but if they then click on their Home button it will then take them to their defined home page.  So kind of a "run-once" scenario, but repeated each time they launch IE without changing their Home page or forcing the home page to a specific URL in GPO.  
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just saw you last post... so I guess logon script will not work....

I think the GPO settings you can set more then one home page... in this way, you can list your company page as the default home page...but list additional home pages.  

This is possible in IE7 at least...
lecommAuthor Commented:
Yeah, there are ways to have multiple tabs open with different home pages, however, I am wanted something different and it may just not be possible.  I want to force a launch of IE to my Intranet site on login and then any time they launch IE it will also launch my intranet site, but it will not change their home page setting.  So after they launch the intranet site, they can click on the home page button and go to their chosen home page.  I know I can force a launch with GPO, I can force home page with GPO, but not what I really want to do... or should I say I am being asked not to do.  Any ideas if what I am asking is possible?
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