Is it possible to customize IE8's "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" page

I am using IE8 and want to restrict access to certain web domains. I am using Squid to do this, and have no problems with regular http:// web page access.

However for https:// accesses, squid blocks the request, but IE8 doesn't like the regular http:// web page that squid is returning. IE8 displays its "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" with the Diagnose Connection Problems button.

I need to be able to completely control the user experience, and do not want the user to see IE's default error page. Is there a way to customize it? Is there a third party add-on that can trigger on IE8 about to display the error page?

Thanks for any help.
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XK8ERConnect With a Mentor Commented:
thats correct.. by editing ieframe.dll.mui file you are able to customize your own IE error page
you can open this file with a resource editor


then search for

<title>Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage</title>

and edit the file
cslewis2009Author Commented:
For completeness:

The file is actually located in C:\WINDOWS\system32\en-US

A resource editor that works is: ResHack, available at:

The actual resource is under 23\DNSERROR.HTM\1033

cslewis2009Author Commented:
The exact location of the ieframe.dll.mui was not given. As well, no examples of a suitable resource editor were given.
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