Windows Vista SP2 "Stack Overflow at line: 0"

Hi all,

I am stumped on a problem with family friends machine--when she boots up the machine (Intel-based Dell Inspiron Desktop) into Vista Home Premium SP2, she gets an error message "Stack overflow at line 0"

Now, when I looked up this error code it appeared to be mainly in conjunction with Internet Explorer, however, it is reported that she recieves this message even before IE has been opened on a fresh boot (namely when Outlook 2007) is opened first. As such, I am hesitant to blame IE. I have also seen previous solutions pertaining to Outlook Express, but no joy for this situation.

When I made a visit last week, I was unable to recreate this error no matter what I did. (Rebooted several times, opened Oulook, IE, other way around, etc).

Any insight would be great...

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hello_everybodyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Norton Anti Spam is known to cause the above error, but no need to worry it won't effect anything.
Try looking at the Event Viewer to see if it mentions the stack overflow error. See here for more information on how to use Event Viewer.
Does she have a Norton Anti-Spam installed on her system?
JimminyChristmasAuthor Commented:
Yes she does have Norton running.
See this website. Some users seem to have resolved the issue by changing some settings in the Norton Anti-Spam software. Is this error showing up for a specific website? Maybe Norton is blocking it as the others have reported in that website?
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