Mismatching config on stacked switches


We have two HP 2900-24G switches and the switches have been setup in a stack about 1.5 years ago. Everything seems to be working just fine but today I had to change the VLAN config of port 10 and then I though I would check on the second switch if the port is being changed there as well. So I accessed the web gui through the IP address and it seems that the second switch has did not change the port 10 automatically. Doesn't the config of a stack of switches be the same?

I have to admit that I am not really a network engineer. So sorry if this is a stupid question.

Thank you
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Rick_O_ShayConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you saying these two switches are connected together over port 10? If so you would have to put the same vlan on the other switch on port 10.
If it is a stack with unit one port 10 in the new VLAN then unit 2 port 10 has nothing to do with that. If you want both in the same vlan then you would have to add unit 2 port 10 to that vlan.
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