Outlook 2007 Keeps Asking for Password - Doesn't Like Anything I Type - Vista / Exchange Email

I have an internal network running SBS 2008 (with exchange).  I have a whole bunch of XP clients on this network and they are running perfectly, but the two Vista PCs I have are giving me some trouble.

When running outlook 2007, the users are prompted every few minutes to enter their password.  The box says:

Connecting to sites
User name:     Domain\User

When we put in the proper password, it acts like we entered it wrong.  It will ask like 3 times before it disappears, and then it comes back in a few minutes.  I know we are using the right password because it's the same password used when logging in, and it matches the Domain\User credentials being asked for.  This is only happening on the two Vista PCs (newest service pack and updates already installed).

Now, I've done a fair amount of research on my own trying to find a solution, but most everyone  is having a different problem than me.  Their password are being accepted, but not being saved when they say "remember my password".  And it comes up every time they try to send and receive something.  My problem is that the passwords that should be working are being ignored or something.  Outlook is actually running fine other than this.  Even when we click cancel or enter in random passwords, we can still send and receive emails no problems (and we aren't prompted as a direct result of sending/receiving either).

This is very weird and I'm running out of ideas.  One site suggested that I go to Tools -> Account Settings -> Repair.  I tried this but it fails on "Search for user@domain server settings".  

Any ideas?
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This question again?
It has to have been asked about a dozen times today.

Go in to Updates in SBS Management Console and approve the update Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup 9. Then install it and reboot the machine.

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ExiaAuthor Commented:
Both of those solutions are for people having the problem about Windows not remembering their passwords when they check the "remember my password" box.  

My problem is that no matter what password I put, it doesn't accept it.  8-(

PS: I tried both of those solutions, just in case - and had no luck.
So the password is simply not being accepted: please have the user connect using Outlook Web Access and enter their credentials. Does this work for this user? Also, have the user log into an XP workstation and use Outlook 2007 from there... does this work as well?
ExiaAuthor Commented:
Don't have OWA set up for this network, as it is an internal one with no internet/outside access.  Works fine using the same credentials on an XP box, but all of our XP workstations have Outlook 2003 instead of 2007 installed, so... i guess that doesn't help.
Are the machines joined to the domain?
Try disabling IPv6 on Vista machine by following below article.


Check for the service packs on Exchange and Keep it updated atleast till Update rollup 9
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